Beginners Bonsai Course

The Beginners Bonsai Classes have been a great success, and by popular demand a new Group , Group C, Starting in May has been added. Please book your places early to avoid disappointment.

If a date classes with an earlier appointment attendees may move to other groups days provided spaces are available. Please email me to confirm if swaps required.

Mark D'Cruz
Bonsai Artist and Teacher

Bonsai Master Class with Master Nobuyuki Kajiwara

Summer pruning for conifers (except pines) and deciduous bonsai trees to encourage inner and finer growth.

The Bonsai Masterclass focus on seasonal work that needs to be carried out on your Bonsai, this session deals with the specific pruning teaches pruning requirement or summer for your deciduous and juniper bonsai. Your learning is enriched as you get to learn from the Master about various species and indeed some very special bonsai trees, are available at the Ma-Ke Bonsai, and those that other attendees bring and indeed from Master Nobuyuki own bonsai collection.

Open Workshop: Emphasis on Summer Tasks

The Open Bonsai Workshop are free form un-structured sessions that are there for enthusiasts who want to work on their bonsai and are looking for some help, advice or guidance.

To make the most of the workshops participants are encouraged to regularly bring their bonsai to the session so we can see them develop for the year. Many of our students have been with us since the start of the school classes 4 years ago and have seen considerable improvement of their trees. The session are limited to a maximum of 6 attendies the session leader can devote time to each participant and we can also all learn from each others bonsai and projects.

The sessions is lead by Mark D'Cruz

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