Bonsai Tasks for April

April has started with some mixed weather, lots of showers but also a lot of warmth, blossoms have set in well and a lot of growth has started showing.  Hopefully by now you will be well underway to having completed your repotting. If not now is as good a time as any to start your repotting.

For those of our bonsai that have not been repotted it is also time to start feeding our bonsai. At Ma-Ke Bonsai we love using organic fertilisers. We make or Bonsai feed from a blend of Rapeseed, Sea Weed Mulch, Neem Leaves and sugar molasses. This makes well balanced bonsai feed and the molasses helps feed and rejuvenate the helpful soil bacteria which in turn breaks the nutrients making them available for the bonsai. The Neem leaves provide both a nutritional and pesticide element helping you keep unwanted pest at bay. 

The new growth and increased Warmth, means that the uptake of water has and will increased rapidly over April, keep an eye out for watering issues. Bonsai that have started leafing will have started increasing their water intake, Pines, Spruces, Junipers will also have increased their water consumption.

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Mark D'Cruz
Bonsai Artist and Teacher

Flowering Bonsai in Stock Now

Crab Apples, Japanese Quince, Pomegranates, Flowering Cherries and other have all started to come into blossom now. Well worth a visit to grab one for yourself, to enjoy the blossom and fragrance at your home

Botany for Bonsai Artists

Keeping a bonsai healthy and vibrant just requires is a little bit of diligence and a understanding of some botanical science. science. In this session we shall cover some of the basics of plant development, the role of light, heat, water, nutrition and how each of these elements are best used and balanced to enhance the development of your bonsai.
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