Bonsai Tasks for May

May started with some glorious sunny days, though we seem to have a few wet days ahead of us. The weather is warm and muggy so everything is going to be growing to it full potential.

Now is the time to start a feeding regime for your Bonsai if you have not already started one. At this stage it is best to use a 'low potency' feed, preferable an organic one. If you need to use a chemical based fertiliser, use one that is balanced and with an NPK potency of now higher that 5:5:5.

At Ma-Ke Bonsai we make our own Bonsai feed from a blend of Rapeseed, Sea Weed Mulch, Neem Leaves and sugar molasses. This makes well balanced bonsai feed and the molasses helps feed and rejuvenate the helpful soil bacteria which in turn breaks the nutrients making them more easily available for the bonsai. 

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Mark D'Cruz
Bonsai Artist and Teacher

Lots of Flowering Bonsai in Stock Now

Crab Apples, Japanese Quince, Pomegranates, Flowering Cherries and other have all started to come into blossom now. Well worth a visit to grab one for yourself, to enjoy the blossom and fragrance at your home

New Beginners Bonsai Course

The Beginners Bonsai Courses have been a great success, and by popular demand a new Group, Group C, Starting May 18th has been added. Please book your places early to avoid disappointment.

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