November's Bonsai Jobs

November is in and Autumn is well set our Bonsai have begun to start their winter slumber. Along with the Garden beginning to look dishevelled and  untidy our Bonsai too have started to show some tiredness. Along with cleaning out your garden and the green house it also time to clean out and prepare your bonsai for their winter slumber too.

It time to bring in and protect our tender Bonsai, Ficus, Jades, and other indoor Bonsai which may have been in the Garden need to protected in either a heated green house or take indoor and protected doors make sure they are provided enough light and heating. Check out Our video on Caring for Indoor Bonsai

For our Native, Naturalised and other Temperate Bonsai its time to clean out the pots, brush off dead leaves from the pots, work on the nebari and check for 'bugs' in the surface soil and on the Bonsai's trunk, branches and crevasses.  Give them a Winter wash if you suspect you have stubborn pests and fungi and mildew. 

It is time to start protecting your Bonsai from heavy rains that we can get over winter. At Ma-Ke Bonsai we tend just to place our Bonsai under the benches after carrying out our winter and autumn care routines.

If your garden is not very sheltered or you live in a blustery area then you may be better off protecting your Bonsai in a cool green house. But give them a winter wash first to ensure over-wintering pest don't become a problem.

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Mark D'Cruz
Bonsai Artist and Teacher

Bonsai Masterclass with Nobu Kajiwara

Master Nobu's Bonsai Masterclass has been running for the last five years at Ma-Ke Bonsai and are highly sought after. The 2015 workshops dates are on-line now so please make you booking now. This year we introduced a discount scheme of £50 per-session if you for reserve 3 session for the year.  Pay the deposit of £60 on-line and then £30 of each of the session you attend.

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Beginners Bonsai Course 2015

The Beginners Bonsai Course 2015 is here. The Beginners Course is very popular and Each year we run 3 Groups to meet demand. The First Group dates have been published so if you are keen on starting early book you place now. As they get taken up fast. 

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