December's Bonsai Jobs

For most of us in the UK December has been a relatively mild, but cold weather very cold weather is on its way and it's time to double check that we protect all our tender Bonsai. Frost hardy Bonsai can most probably stay out for a bit more they need the chilling to help with their winter slumber cycle. In the north of the UK where things are colder you may need to protect even your hardy Bonsai, especially if temperature are regularly falling below -4C. 

While bringing them into your Greenhouse ensure that your Bonsai are properly cleaned and prepared for their winter slumber, clean of dead material from the bonsai, clean the Nebari surface and trunk and use a winter wash if necessary.

It is time to start planning next years re-potting schedule, identifying which Bonsai need re-potting, if they need new pots now is a good time to start looking for them and ensuring they arrive well in time for the re-potting which we start from mid February onwards in earnest. In the Cooler parts you most probably will hold off till later.

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Mark D'Cruz
Bonsai Artist and Teacher

Bonsai Craving with Will Baddeley

Learn the Art of Bonsai Deadwood Creation and Carving with Will Baddeley. Will who has practised Bonsai since 1997 represented UK in the New Talent Completion 2002 where he gained himself a name as a creator of realistic and natural looking deadwood for bonsai. Will's Specialist Seminar is on April 5 2015, book you place now. More on Will Baddeley

Bonsai Masterclass with Nobu Kajiwara

Master Nobu's Bonsai Masterclass has been running for the last five years at Ma-Ke Bonsai and are highly sought after. The 2015 workshops dates are on-line now so please make you booking now. This year we introduced a discount scheme of £50 per-session if you book 3 or more session for the year. Pay the deposit of £60 on-line and then £30 of each of the session you attend.

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Beginners Bonsai Course 2015

The Beginners Bonsai Course 2015 is here. The Beginners Course is very popular and each year we run 3 Groups to meet demand and to offer flexibilty of day to students. The First Group dates have been published so if you are keen on starting early book you place now. As they get taken up fast.

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